General Terms of Service

Brief Outline of

Work commences once the first payment is made.


The Purchaser agrees to pay (the “Fee”) for the Work as follows: 50% as a non-refundable deposit upon execution of this agreement and 50% upon the approval, completion and delivery of the Work. The Purchaser shall pay the applicable sales tax, if any (not likely), with the final payment. Completion of the Work is to be determined by the Artist, who shall use the Artist’s professional judgment to deviate from the preliminary design as the Artist in good faith necessary to create the Work. The Purchaser shall have a right to inspect the Work in progress upon reasonable notice to the Artist. 

Additional Payments

After a limited amount of revisions, and the Artist sends the high-resolution image of the finished product, and all terms/conditions of the artwork in the contract have been met upon completion date, each additional revision to the work will cost an additional percentage of the original price. If the Purchaser requires the artwork in a limited timeframe, there will be a “rush fee”. This will be fee will be decided by The Artist.

Date of Delivery

The Artist agrees to complete the Work within 7 days from the date of this contract’s ratification. This completion date shall be extended for such period if the Artist may be disabled by illness preventing the progress of the Work. The completion date shall also be extended in the event of delays caused by events beyond the control of the Artist, including but not limited to fire, theft, strikes, shortages of materials, and Acts of God. Time shall not be considered of the essence concerning the completion of the Work.

Late Payments

The Purchaser is required to pay the remaining amount of the Fee within 48 hours of completion (the “Payment Window”) unless agreed otherwise. In the event of late final payment, the Purchaser would be required to pay 10% interest on top of the fee every 24 hours after the Payment Window.


The Artist reserves all rights of any incidental works made in the creation of the Work unless stated otherwise.


The Purchaser gives the Artist permission to use the final works to exhibit as part of their portfolio unless the purchaser objects otherwise.